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The Story of Pro-Mex Landscaping

Growing Up

Emerito Anzurez grew up on a farm in a small town in Mexico. Working in the fields wasn't at all easy—that is to say hard work is no stranger to Emerito. At the young age of 22, Emerito moved to New York, where he found employment working in the landscaping profession.

Working in New York

Emerito spent 12 years working steadily for one landscaping company in New York. During those years, three of Emerito's brothers also moved to New York and they ended up working for the same landscaping company. Over those many years, Emerito gained much valuable experience and it was time to set up his own business.

Reaping the Benefits of Living in the United States

Emerito eventually moved to South Portland and worked with another landscaping company in Scarborough. His employers quickly recognized the level of dedication and professionalism that he brought to his work and soon he became a supervisor with a crew of five workers.

Following the American Dream

After several years with the landscape company in Scarborough, and Emerito's desire to take part in "his own destiny," he devised a business plan. Emerito methodically invested in landscape equipment, and working evenings and weekends, he acquired his own customer base. In the fall of 2014, Emerito started his own business, Pro-Mex Yard & Garden. It has been a fulfilling journey, Emerito loves the work he does, and his loyal customer's satisfaction is his number one priority.